The right humidity promotes

health and productivity

No. 1 Manufacturer of Wooden Aroma Diffusers

Wang-Tech is a leading manufacturer of eco-friendly, wooden air humidifiers in the world. 

We set the standard with regards to energy efficiency, hygienic solutions, and environmentally friendly products.

Our goal is to provide the best air humidifiers made from wooden or bamboo materials that are sourced from a sustainable environment. We are top in terms of design, innovation, customization, and performance.

Breathe More, Sleep Better

Keep in Touch With the Right Manufacturer

Finding the right products is more difficult than it seems. Naturally, you want the best manufacturer that doesn’t compromise quality over quantity. There are many humidifiers on the market. But getting the right features can take time.

This is where we come in. There is no better way to get a better night of sleep while you’re your part of the environment. We will help you design and manufacture the perfect wooden air humidifier that will last for years. 

Types of Materials


Wooden air humidifiers are an ideal alternative to aromatherapy. The resulting products are cordless, convenient, and less prone to discoloration. Wooden air diffusers can produce cool or warm mist without affecting their quality. Their unique features make diffusers highly efficient.


Bamboo is a sustainable material that offers optimum durability and unique finish for our aroma diffusers. We love that it is flexible, light, abundant, and biodegradable.  

Wood Grain

Wood grain creates a lovely unit that features a unique, stylish finish. We select wood grain for our projects from high-quality wood fibers. We have diagonal, waby, heavy, and interlocking grains to match the variation of taste for every homeowner.

How To Start Your Eco-Friendly Business

Step 1:  Select a Product

Find your most wanted products from our shop. 

Step 2:  Get a Quote

Hit the Get a Quote button to inquire about pricing, which may vary depending on your customization request.

Step 3: Customization

Explain to us the details and extent of customization you wanted for your products.

Step 4: Payment

Our trade managers will discuss payment options with you.

Step 5. Order Fulfillment 

We will manufacture your order and ship it according to the agreed schedule of shipment. 

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