Water Cooling Fan

Model: WT-F10

Mini fans are extremely convenient to use because of their compact and portable size. This mini air cooler features fast cooling effect with 3 adjustable fan speeds and wind direction. It is portable and wireless that you can easily pick it up and mount on your desk.  It is very cool, just like a mini air-conditioning unit.

Take this Mini Air Cooler

Mini fans are greatly helpful if you need a wireless device to keep you cool during warmer weather days. Watch this video to learn how to operate.

Main Features

  • Built-in rechargeable battery, long-lasting.
  • 3 adjustable wind speeds.
  • Strong wind, quiet operation.
  • Powerful humidification and atomization
  • Add water to the ice tray to freeze, double the cool and refreshing
  • Adjustable wind direction


This mini air cooler is best used for small rooms and office. The 350ml water tank is enough to take in as much water as needed to use as ice and make indoor air cool.  You can put in on top of your bedside table for perfect angle but you can also use it for your office.

How to use?


Model WT-F10
Color White/ Black
Materials ABS+PP+silicone+electronic components
Input DC5V / 1A
Power consumption 6.3W
Water Tank 310ml
Battery capacity 4000mAh
Charging Time 3 hrs
Working Time 7hrs (Max)
Product Net Weight 928g
Product size 180*136*175mm
Packing Qty 16pcs
Outer Carton 59*40*40cm
G.W 18kgs

Just like their big counterpart, mini fans only require a few steps to operate. Make sure you fully charge the batter (3-4 hours) depending on which type of mini fan you are buying. Then press the small button to turn on. Direct the air as desired. You can turn it off after using.

 Mini fans are great for all markets. Our mini fans come in a wide variety. For example, we have bladeless mini fans that are ultimately safe for babies. Contact us to let us know your desired specifications and we can tailor our mini fans for you.

This mini fan produces air that is cooler than typical electric fans. That is because it has a water reservoir which you can fill with water. When you operate it, it sends a cooling effect to the air especially on a hot weather day.

No. This mini fan is not heavy. It only weighs less than 1 kilogram with a size that is half a ruler. One box could fit 16 pieces which is already a good deal.

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