Customize Wireless Wood Essential Oil Diffuser


This Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser features whisper-quiet ultrasonic technology that diffuses fine mist into the air and generates negative ions to purify and deodorize the smell. Seven LED light colors cascade or can be locked on a single color for a soft glow. Use daily to relieve stress, improve mood, and enjoy a deeper night’s sleep.


  • Noise less than 36 dB.
  • 7 color light effects.
  • Humidify the air and remove bad odors.
  • Available be controlled by a smartphone.
  • Timing Setting by Mobile APP: ON/1H/2H/3H/4H/5H/6H.
  • Automatic shut-off protection when waterless.
  • 120ML Aromatherapy Diffuser: Adopted ultrasonic technology, this diffuser is extremely quiet when working. Automatic shut-off when water runs out ensures safety. This provides many health benefits e.g. improves breathing, strengthens the immune system, helps to lift your mood, and relieves stress.
  • Smart App/Voice Control: Connect the oil diffuser with 2.4Ghz wifi, then you can simply control it with your smartphone via the Smart Life app. Compatible with Alexa and Google home for voice control. You can turn it on/off, set a timer/schedule, and adjust the led light in the Smart Life app.
  • Timer/Schedule Function: You can set a 1/3/6 hours timer through the app. Smart Life app also provides extra schedule functions, like turning on the diffuser at 2:00 am and turn off at 6:00 am without disturbing your sleep.
  • 7 Colors LED Light: Soft light creates a calming and romantic atmosphere. The color can be cycled through or set to one fixed color. Color and brightness can be adjusted through the Smart Life app. Note: If you are using an app to control the device, when you turn on it, the light will turn on with 100% brightness and cycled color.


Model No:WT-D15
Water tank capacity:120 ml
Coverage:10-20 M²
Product size:103*103*113 mm
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