Customize Mini Humidifier


  • <40dB breath level mute technology.
  • Built-in battery.
  • Nano fine mist, humidify the air but table top not wet.
  • Oblique humidification.
  • Colorful night light.
  • Anti-dry protection system.
  • Compact and convenient.
  • Fine mist: 360 degrees tilted nano spray, joyous spray, oblique spray with your choice, focus on your moisturizing skin; The effect of diagonal spray is direct to the face. Moistening and moistening, make skin fresh and moist, keep away from dryness;
  • Silent humidification: it operates in a light tone below 20dB, works at ease, lives quietly, and sleeps soundly without disturbing, so that life has a humid environment;
  • Colorful lighting: soft night light, add color atmosphere, and accompanies you while humidifying; a Warm color atmosphere lamp, accompanies you to sleep, accompanies you to get up at night, and guards the long night slowly.
  • Large capacity: 350ml large capacity, no need to add water frequently, once water, lasting humidification, comfortable working all day;
  • Various use scenarios: a variety of indoor and car environments can be used, such as office, home, gym, study, and so on, to make the environment and journey more humid and refreshing.


Water tank capacity:390 ml
Power consumption:DC 5V/2 W
Battery capacity:1200 mAh
Spray volume:35-45 ml/h
Product weight:310 g
Product size:141*90*90 mm
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