Customize Fog Free Sterilization & Purification Humidifier


  • Bacteriostatic silver ion ring and Water purification filter element included
  • Two optional control modes: automatic mode can adjust humidification quantity according to indoor humidity
  • LED display and APP control
  • Double bacteriostatic sterilization technology, reduces 99% of bacteria spread
  • Water can be added from the side during operation, don’t have to turn it off
  • Electricity and water separated, making it much safer
  • Smart Child Lock Protection
  • Fog Free Humidifier: Double sterilization technology, reduce 99% bacterial spread Electricity and water are separated, making it safe
  • Smart Child Lock: When the body is separated due to external factors, the system will sound an alarm and automatically disconnect the power to protect the family
  • App Remote-Control: Using App remote control you can control the humidity of your home at any time
  • Using environmental protection Rayon material evaporative filter element: Combine antibacterial ion ring, double filter water for magazine, dust, odor, and bacteria


Water tank capacity:6L
Output voltage:24V-1A
Power concumption:20W
Spray volume:380ml/h
Product weight:3.8kgs/4.8kgs
Product size:263*263*405mm
Bacteriostatic silver ion ring:1pc
Water purification filter element:1pc


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