Customize 7 Colors Diffuser with Alarm Clock and Bluetooth Speaker


Aromatherapy diffuser + humidifier + ambient light + clock + alarm clock + Bluetooth audio


  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Colorful Light
  • Aroma Air Humidifier
  • Continuously Mist UP to 10H
  • Waterless Auto-Off Safety Switch
  • Big Mist Spray
  • Bluetooth 3 seconds fast pairing: stronger performance, faster speed, more stable sound, and longer effective distance.
  • Sound and color Release the sound of music: music around the surroundings like a live concert to enjoy the effect of listening
  • Drops of favorite essential oils to enjoy the natural fragrance: will be a variety of plant essential oil drops into the water tank, essential oils and water mixed through the ultrasonic vibration generated by the mist, through the perfusion of wind pressure into the air, let the favorite aroma around


Water tank capacity:400 ml
Coverage:about 100 M²
Product size:153*118*175 mm
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