Powerful HEPA H13 Air Purifier


Wang-Tech Powerful Air Purifier features True HEPA H13 filters which  removes mildew, dust, and bacteria up to 0.3 microns..  Perfect for household use. It is very easy to carry and can work in sleep mode. It comes with a premium touch panel and effective odor filter. 


Main Features

  • True HEPA H13 filter 
  • Quiet-working sleep mode
  • 360° purification performance
  • Effectively removes 99. 97% of airborne particles


  • Advanced interior structure and improved surface treatment
  • The filter indicator light can remind you to replace the filter, easy to operate
  • 3 different fan speeds can be selected according to the actual air quality and space
  • Adopts 3 stages purification filter, pre-filter, true HEPA H13 filter and activated carbon filter


The true HEPA H13 air purifier effectively removes 99. 97% of airborne particles are as small as 0. 3 microns. The CADR of the air purifier is 150 M³/h. It is ideal for quickly cleaning a wide range of contaminants including dust, pollen, pet dander, cooking and smoke odors in a certain space. Made from ABS and other safe electronic components, this air purifier is guaranteed to last. 

It is paraben-free making it ultimately safe for the baby’s room. To use, simply plug in the component. There is an option to adjust the wind speed from 1 to 3 for areas that need intense air purification. Fan is very easy to replace if needed.


Model SW23005
Color Black/White
Materials ABS+electronic components
CADR 150 M³/H
Coverage 1-40 M²
Input 12 V / 2A
Power consumption 24W
Noise level 25-40 dB
Product weight 2600 g
Product size φ205*385mm

 What is True HEPA 13 Air Filter?

The weight is quite manageable. It weighs only 2,600 grams, which means you can bring it anywhere you desire to. You can use it for your office or your home. You can put it in your living room in the morning and then you can transfer it in your bedroom at night. 

Yes. Our air purifiers are made from high-quality materials that make them very durable. They can last for many years given the proper care.

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