New Fashion Mask Fan

Model: WT-F20

The newest fashion mask fan helps you breathe even when wearing a mask. This unique mini fan improves ventilation by providing enough oxygen to breathe through the small inlet. It is small and ultra-lightweight at only 23 grams. Clip it on the side of your mask. Still you can run without fearing of dropping the fan. It has 85mAH built-in battery and chargeable for only 20 minutes.


Main Features

  • Adjustable windspeed up to level 3
  • 23 grams feather weight
  • Easy clip-on design
  • <25dB working noise
  • 85mAH built-in battery


This stylish mini fan helps bring cool air between your mouth and the mask. Hence, you can breathe comfortably and travel without burden. This is perfect for people who find it difficult to wear a mask.  With this fan, the general public will be motivated to a mask.

  • Sleek and slim design just enough to fit on the side of the mask
  • Three gear adjustment at a press of a button
  • Circulating air control that helps you breathe normally


Nowadays, people are required to wear a mask for protection. But while wearing a mask protects people from virus many find it very difficult to breathe. Many of you have also experienced sweating all over your moth due to the trapped heat.

Wearing a wet mask is quite uncomfortable. That is why we have designed a fashionable mini fan that you can clip on your mask. This cool mini fan provides ventilation between your mouth and the mask. It produces just enough cool air to help you breathe comfortably.

Just clip it on the side of your mask. Then you can start running, walking, or rushing to your work without having to worry whether it will fall down. To operate, make sure you charge it for 20 minutes. You can adjust the wind speed up to level 3. It depends on how


Model WT-F20
Color White/ Black
Materials ABS+PP
Wind Speed 3
Input DC5V
Power consumption 0.5W
Battery capacity 85mAh
Working noise ≤25dB
Charging Time 20 Minutes
Packing quantity 120pcs
Product size 16*28*64mm
Package size 68*128*24.5mm
Carton size 40.3*26.5*30cm
Cartion N/G weight 8.8kg/9.6kg

Just clip it on the side of your mask with the mini fan body in the inner layer between your mouth and the mask. Switch it on and you will feel gentle air, which provide more ventilation while wearing a mask.

 Mini fans are great for all markets. Our mini fans come in a wide variety. For example, we have bladeless mini fans that are ultimately safe for babies. Contact us to let us know your desired specifications and we can tailor our mini fans for you.

This mini fan is so cool. We all know how difficult it is to breathe with our masks on. In fact, many of you have experienced sweating all over your mouth because of too much trapped heat. This fan helps you resolve all these issues in a stylish and fashionable manner. This mini fan is very much needed in today’s trying times.

No. The weight of this fan is only 23grams. You cannot even feel it. Just imagine holding a feather on your hand.

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