Model: SW01002

Wang-Tech mountable monitor light feature color temperature adjustable lighting effect for your workspace. It illuminates your keyboard during the night adding more comfort even when the light is off. It works up to 35, 000 hours long lifespan.

Monitor Lamp with the Best Illuminating Features

Wang-Tech monitor lamp is a unique mountable light that can be used for monitors. It helps illuminate your screen and keyword. It comes with anti-glare features therefore protecting your eyes from the harmful effects of radiation. It helps alleviate headache and keeps you comfortable working.

  • Brightness adjustable
  • Supports memory function
  • Color temperature adjustable
  • No glare, uniformity emission
  • Space saving and easy to operate
  • Up to 35,000 hours long lifespan


  • 400*40*40mm
  • 3000-6500K CCT adjustable
  • USB mini controller to operate
  • Built-in 84 pieces high-quality LEDs
  • Clip fits any desktop with thickness from 3mm to 27mm

Monitor lights help illuminate your workspace so you can work or study comfortably during the night. Then no-glare feature helps prevent eye problems and headache. Also thanks to the built-in 84 pieces high-quality LED light that makes the monitor light an exceptional buy.

Simply mount it on your monitor.  Then take advantage of the led monitor lamp emits uniform, gentle, and no glare light, supplying relax and comfortable atmosphere for computer users. The brightness and color temperature of the monitor light are adjustable which makes the users have more choice to concentrate on working, reading, design, gaming, watching videos, and many more.

Yes. You can adjust the brightness according to what makes you comfortable.  You can also adjust its temperature.

Our monitor lamps are very durable. They have up to 35,000 hours of life span given the proper care. In other words, if you use it for at least 8 to 12 hours a day you can expect it to function for 8 to 10 years.

Yes. We use aluminum allow and ABS to make up its exterior. It can withstand any weather condition. As long as it does not get wet, it will stay looking brand new. Make sure you wipe it with clean dry cloth every after use to maintain its shine.

We can assure you that we use only durable materials for a quality finish. Resellers and distributors can never go wrong of our products. If you want to sell high-quality and useful monitor lamps, you can trust us.

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