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How to Choose the Best Monitor Lights for Your Computer

An average office worker spends about 1,700 hours working in front of the computer. This is true for people who work in a physical office setting. 

However, as the pandemic continues to linger many people are still on a work-from-home basis. This makes people spend even more time facing their computer screen.

Why are we writing this blog today? We all know that spending a lot of time in front of the computer can be harmful to your eyesight.

The light from your monitor may negatively affect your retina and cause your vision to blur over time. Getting the best monitor lights for your computer can help remedy this situation. 

What is a Monitor Light?

A monitor light or computer monitor light bar is a portable light that you can attach to your PC’s screen. 

It is a lighting solution that sits on top of your computer to light up your workspace and enhance the overall lighting ergonomics of your office area. You can use it whether you are working in a physical office setting or your home.

 The following are some benefits of having a monitor light bar:

  • Monitor lamps provide a brilliant solution for tight desk spaces. Since it sits on top of your screen, you can save the space around your table for other important things.
  • They are lightweight, non-glare, and painless to the eye
  • They improve workspace ergonomics by allowing you to adjust the temperature
  • They ensure that the ray of light is focused on your workspace. 

Currently, there are tons of different products available in the market. So how do you choose the best monitor lights that fit your needs?

How to Choose the Best Monitor Lamps – Guide for First-Timers

Consider the Specific Type of Work You Do

Certain types of monitor lamps are better suited to tasks. For instance, if you work in gaming or video production, you may need a monitor light bar that reacts quickly. If you involve graphic designing, photo editing, or animation you would need a monitor light that helps improve screen resolution and color clarity. For simpler works like writing, data entry, and another administrative task which may require workers to stay up at night, you can opt for budget-friendly monitor light. 

Find the Right Size For Your PC

Whether you are using a laptop or a computer you should find the right fit. Some other features will simply come down to personal preference. 

In any case, if you want to have clear visibility around your office, you can have a 19-inch monitor light. If you want to get a large view of your work, some monitor lights can go up to 34 inches. 

Imagine, you don’t want to buy an 18-inch long monitor light for a 15-inch laptop. You always want your light to fit well on top of your monitor. For instance, an 18-inch long monitor light bar is best suited for 23-inch monitors.

Look for A High-Quality Monitor Light

Regardless of what work you are doing, you want to have a monitor light bar that can last long. Look into the feature and materials used to manufacture your monitor.

Wang Tech’s desktop monitor light bar, for example, can work up to 35, 000 hours long lifespan. That is enough to cover 8 to 10 years of your working life. It illuminates your keyboard during the night and adds more comfort even when the light in your room is turned off.

Moreover, look for a monitor light bar with great fitting adjustability. Not all products are flexible enough to into different monitor sizes. Great lighting adjustability and color temperature adjustability is also a must.

Consider Special Features

Does your monitor light bar have different color modes? Can you adjust its temperature? Is it portable?

A great determining factor when you buy a monitor light is the features. Wang Tech’s newest desktop monitor, for example, can be separated into two if you need to transport it. 

It saves space in your bag. But as soon as you need to use it, you can just attach the two components and mount them on your PC’s monitor. 

The essence of the features you are looking for can vary depending on your needs – and sometimes the shape of your monitor. You might have a curved monitor screen that needs a specially designed monitor lamp.

Additionally, you might have an irregular light in your room which calls for a brighter monitor bar light.

Consider the Design and Performance

Design-wise, you want your desktop monitor light to be sleep and slim. You don’t want a big lamp sitting on your computer. It is disturbing and aesthetically appalling.

An ideal monitor lamp should be lightweight and innovative. Most monitor lights are also minimalist allowing you to focus on your screen instead of the design.

Moreover, you need to take into account the performance. Is it easy to operate? Does it produce enough light to improve the lighting in your room? Is it heavy duty? It helps also if the monitor light has a dim button in case you want to adjust the lighting.

Getting the Best Monitor Lights for Your  Computer

Getting the best monitor lights for your computer is quite a daunting task. With too many options in the market, it is easy to get lost in different designs, shapes, sizes, and colors.

Even so, it is important to get hold of the best monitor light. If you are someone who spends a lot of time on the computer, a monitor light can improve the lighting of your workspace. 

Monitor light bars are great for the following:

  • Regular office works
  • Work-from-home employees
  • Freelancers
  • Business owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Gamers

Lighting is very important. Consider it a small investment to protect something important – your eyesight.

We hope this article has helped you decide on how to get the best monitor lights for your computer. 

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