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How to Choose the Best Car Diffuser

There are several essential oil car diffusers available in the market today. They come in different brands, shapes, styles, and designs. But how do you choose the best car diffuser?

Most of the time, shoppers easily get confused with selecting the best diffuser for their cars. There are times when you want to choose traditional oil diffusers. However, there are various factors that you need to be mindful of. When you go for long trips and travels, you need to think of your safety and much more if you have passengers. 

Best Car Diffuser Qualities 

The following are some qualities you need to look for before buying car diffusers:

Safe for use

 It’s nice to enjoy your favorite essential oil inside your car. When the oil diffuser you are buying is made from high-grade materials, you can enjoy natural freshness without the mixture of harmful chemicals. This is why it is also important to look at the materials used for manufacturing your essential oil diffusers. Better yet find the best manufacturer for the product you are buying. 

Fashionable designs

Essential oil diffusers come in various attractive designs. But don’t let designs compromise functionality. Look for essential oil diffusers with a sleek yet multifunctional design. Some diffusers are made from wooden materials, which add up to the overall aura. 

Depending on the type of vibe you would want to create, you can choose small wooden aroma diffusers to style and freshen up your car interior. On the other hand, you may find hanging diffusers to be useful for your air vent. Capsule-shaped aroma diffusers are also the best space savers as you can simply place them on your cup holder. 

Features and functionality

Sometimes your budget matters. Before looking for aroma diffusers, try to check how much cash you have to purchase aroma diffusers. Also, consider how many items you would buy. Are you buying just one product for personal use? Or are you buying wholesale aroma diffusers to sell in your market?

Generally, you can save when you buy wholesale. But if you only aim to purchase an aroma diffuser for personal use, try to find the best car diffuser that works around your budget.

You should find something that is affordable and is already loaded with useful features. For example, some oil diffusers also come with humidifying features. After turning off the diffuser, you can switch it to a humidifying effect to spread out cool mist in your car.

Plug-in Diffusers

Speaking of functionality, car diffusers don’t need electricity to function. A popular option for car diffusers is plug-in diffusers. These diffusers get their power supply through the cigarette lighters or USB ports in your car. Hence, there is no need to worry when the battery is low.


Mini car diffusers normally have 50 to 250 water capacity. These diffusers can send diffuse oil into the air at varying speeds. The smaller the diffuser, the smaller area it can cover. The running time can also differ depending on the water capacity. Smaller car diffusers may not endure longer running periods. Hence, you have to consider your journey, the size of your car, and your budget.

The following are some examples of fragrance you can choose for your car diffuser:

  • Pomegranate mango
  • French vanilla
  • Caramel vanilla
  • Coconut lime
  • Mint 

There are many other scents that you can choose from in the market. Find what is more comfortable for you especially when you need to go on a long trip. 

The Best Car Diffuser – Why You Need to Have One?

Using aroma diffusers for a car can help you in a myriad of beautiful ways. Read on to learn why you should own a car oil diffuser.

1.      It helps you stay alert while driving 

When you feel groggy or sleepy on your way to work just turn on the aroma diffuser. Drive energetically as you feel the magic working on you. Aroma diffusers also give the energy boost you need to stay alert. Peppermint essential oil is one of the common choices that help drivers stay alert while driving. But remember if you are tired due to lack of sleep, you should take a rest before hitting the road.

2.      It calms your anxiety

A long commute can build up stress and anxiety. Moreover, heavy traffic can often lead to anger and frustration. Diffusing lemon or sweet orange oil in your car can help calm your senses. The best car diffuser and oil can put you in a positive attitude. Most car diffusers can run from 2 to 12 hours of interrupted operation so you don’t have to worry about long rides.

3.      It improves indoor air quality

Your car may smell awful due to trash, pet dander, and leftovers. Especially if you have kids, your car can get messy. Diffusing essential oil helps purify and clean the air inside your car. 

Whether it is smelly gym clothes or uneaten snacks in the back seat, the best car diffusers will help freshen up your indoor air. They make it more conducive for driving. You don’t have to worry about embarrassing odors if you have passengers. 

Moreover, car diffusers with humidifiers help keep the air quality of your vehicle’s cabin during dry weather days. This type of car diffuser can be switched between two different functionalities so you can save on buying two items. 

4.      It helps keep germ and bacteria away

The smell from rotten food or open shoes can easily get to your nostrils. Inhaling unwanted elements may destroy air sacs that are responsible for oxygen production in the body. This is why you’ll experience breathing difficulty when driving a smelly car.

 Moreover, germs and bacteria are attracted to the untidy interior. These bacteria can bring dangerous diseases when inhaled. Using a car diffuser does not only improve indoor air quality. It also helps ward off harmful disease-causing air contaminants.

Diffusing essential oils is quite popular nowadays. Even before the rise of COVID19, people have been investing in aroma diffusers to help keep the quality of indoor air. If you do not have an aroma diffuser yet, you should have yours right now.

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