Double Spray Aroma Diffuser

Model: WT-D11

Wang-Tech Aroma Diffuser comes with double spray that diffuses cool mist faster. We love the 7 color change and fixed color light effect.  It offers conventional design with 2 x 150ml water tank. Available in customized design to suit your needs.

Main Features


  • Aroma diffuser with double nozzle
  • Single spray mode / dual spray mode
  • 7 color change and fixed color light effect
  • Mist and light can be controlled separately
  • Automatic shut-off protection when waterless

The Best Double Nozzle Spray Aroma Diffuser

Own this natural, aroma difisuer and enjoy the health benefits of essential oils. Watch this video to learn how aroma diffusers are used.


This Aroma Diffuser is perfect for bedroom, baby room, living room, toilet, office, hotel, beauty salon & Yoga. Wang-Tech is not only a diffuser but you also use it as a humidifier. It is very convenient and perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy clean, well-moisturized indoor air.

To use it as a diffuser. just add a drop of your favorite two different essential oil in two tank. It can help remove bad odors and bring a fresh scent to your indoor space. If you want to use it as a humidifier, add 150ml water to each tank. It adds moisture to your air to eliminate dryness.

Costom Design

Simple modern design to fit with any décor or any desktop table. We can customize your orders and have them in different hues and color. Available in lovely earthly colors, pastels, classic, and paisley designs. Contact us to send your design and will make it for you.


Model WT-D11
Material PP +ABS
Color White/Marble
Water tank 150ml*2
Suggest room size 30-50m²
Noise <35dB(A)
Voltage output DC24V 750mA
Product Dimension 182*96*111MM

An essential oil diffuser makes your home smell fresh, clean, and fragrant by breaking essential oils down into smaller molecules and dispersing them into the air. The fragrance it produces depends on what type of essential oil you are using. Many people love it because of the pleasant or calming effect it brings to the home, office, or car.

Every diffuser requires different cleaning regimens.  However, you do not have to clean diffuser after each use unless it has dirty oil residues that stick on the tank. Even so, it is always beneficial to check the tank to ensure it is clean before using.

How do I know which diffuser is best for home-use?

Yes. We create and design diffusers according to specifications made by our clients. Please contact us so we can talk about your preferred design, quantity of orders, and which location you would like us to send it to.

It depends on the size of the product. In general, one box can accommodate 10 to 20 essential oil diffusers. We can talk about this after your product order.

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