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“Your design. We build.”


Do you have a specific design or functionality in mind that you want to create? Wang-Tech offers a fast and easy way to turn your dream design into reality and market your own label in the market. Our advanced manufacturing capability help bring products that sell according to your required specifications.

Wang-Tech is a one-stop services for clients who need a reliable manufacturer to create custom products for their market or who need to change existing products to meet customer demands. We pride ourselves with our talented and passionate engineering team who work hard in making sure our clients are 100% satisfied. Please do not hesitate to call us if you have an idea and we will make it for you.

One stop service

Wang-Tech helps you develop advanced products through product development collaboration. We can help you design and manufacture custom air humidifiers for sale in your market. Ordering custom air humidifiers from Wang-Tech is very easy.  No complicated process and steps. We understand that it is your priority to provide your market with the best, most reliable air humidifiers. This is why we focus on providing a seamless transaction for every client satisfaction. If you are looking for a reliable manufacturer of high-quality custom air humidifier, do not hesitate to contact us.

Step 1: Give us an idea of your desired product.

During the development phase of the rainbow air humidifier, the client gave us an idea of the desired design and functionality. Our client took inspiration from the beautiful water fountain with dancing lights. The effects of the lights are so relaxing making it a brilliant idea for air humidifiers.


Step 2: We will render up to 5 drawings and 5 product images for your selection.

Once we get a grasp of the design you wish, we will come up with rendered drawings and product images.

design drawings

Step 3: We will let you choose the best design.

Free free to select the best design from the presented drawings. We have the best engineers and designers so the drawings we have is an exact reflection of the final product. This gives you the idea of how your product will look like after mass production.

3D rendered images

Step 4: We will produce 3d samples of your desired item.

The 3D designs will give you a clearer view of actual product designs and features.


Step 5: We will provide engineering samples.

The engineering samples are the beta versions of integrated circuits for compatibility and qualification. We ensure you are with us all throughout the product development process. This is what makes Wang-Tech unique from other manufacturers.

good reviews

Step 6: Build Mould

Once everything is agreed upon we will start building the model.

Step 7: Mass Production

When all parties have agreed and come up with a final design, we will start procuring the raw materials and producing items in bulk.

Step 8: Deliver And Launch On The Market

Wait for the arrival of the products and be ready for your product launching!

Custom Monitor Screen Lamp


It is a pleasure to introduce to you our 2nd generation of monitor screen lamp. The first generation include one-line bar that fits standard size computer monitor screen.

The second generation is an upgraded version, with joint connection. The ergonomic design makes it more cost-effective and easier to carry. It saves storage and allows you to order more items to fit in one box. Just connect the joint to start using. However, it can be detached from the main joint to save space during shipment or transfer. It is very beneficial not just for you but for your customers as well.

We can help you design your monitor screen lamp for sale in your target market. Whether you need it to be retractable, or connected via joint, Wang-Tech has the best design engineer to execute products in the best way possible. You may also order the same design or change its features to suit your target market.


We Build Your Dream Design

Product development collaboration is a partnership between the client and the sourcing company. In this case, Wang-Tech will receive initial product design proposal from our clients and we will work hand-in-hand in the production process.

We own a wide selection of mechanical assets which made us capable of dominating the manufacturing and production process despite the number of orders. This allows us to avoid outsourcing manufacturing procedures and to offer reduce cost to clients. We have better control over the production quality and we ensure every product passes several quality standards.

Custom Air Purifier

We manufacture custom air purifiers. You can bulk purchase from our original design display but you can also choose a single product design and improve its functions. In this example, we have added Wi-Fi functionality that makes our air purifier accessible via smartphone. However, you may choose whatever function you want to add, including colors, designs, and materials to use.


Custom Air Humidifier

We build custom air humidifiers. You can choose products from our shop and have different variations out of that particular product. For example, we have a default design for air humidifier. But you can request us to add design on the exterior (Project A) or change the handle to wood grain material (Project B).

wang tech product development partnership 1024x301 removebg preview

We incorporate your ideas to develop products

We gladly accept all art files for your proposed designs. Or we can set an appointment so we can talk about the design and functions that you want to include in your product. Our product engineers will be collaborating and partnering with you develop a solid product that you can sell in the market. Our mission is to provide our clients with ultimate satisfaction because we want you to keep coming back for more.

Our engineering team is among the best in the manufacturing industry, with more than a decade of experience in electrical and mechanical engineering. This makes Wang-Tech a trustworthy manufacturer for custom-design air purifies, humidifiers, diffusers, and monitor lights.

Do you have any question about our products? Feel free to contact us anytime.  

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