How to Start Air Purifier Business – Build Your Brand

Selling air purifiers is a lucrative business that provides steady recurring income.  Air purifiers are proven to reduce symptoms of allergies. And many people around the world are starting to be aware of its benefits.

Indoor pollution is a serious problem. Many believed that staying indoors is safe. But indoor pollution is as rampant as outdoor pollution. According to a survey, indoor pollution accounts for 60% of the 6.5 million deaths in the world. 

The rampant indoor air pollution is because indoor air barely circulates. Consequently, they become a highly concentrated detrimental mass. Today on the blog, we will share with you some tips on how to start an air purifier business.

Moreover, if you need a reliable manufacturing company to source your products, feel free to hit the contact button. We have an around-the-clock customer representative who is very happy to cater to your inquiry.

Starting Your Brand of Air Purifiers

Locate suppliers

Customers purchase air purifiers online through major retailers such as Wal-Mart or Target. So, you need to carry unique products. Building your brand starts with deciding on the design. You can look for inspiration online in terms of design, features, and functionality. Try to check what customers are looking for.

Once you have decided on a few designs, it is time you select a supplier. Here you have many options. First, you can order inventory in advance. That means you can bulk purchase items so you have your stock ready when you open your store.

If you want to have custom air purifiers, you can opt for OEM manufacturing company services.  An OEM company will help you design, build, and produce products based on your design inspiration. Secondly, you may opt for a dropshipping business wherein you only need to post products.

Exhibit at home shows. Customers who visit home shows tend to be middle class. So if you have a physical business, you should consider reserving your space in home shows. This is an opportunity for you to expose your products to a lot of potential customers.

Network with businesses with similar prospects. Customers who purchase air purifiers tend to be health-conscious. That means, they may already be doing business with other suppliers and health-related products. You must have a sharp eye for clients and start building your network.

Consider working with fitness centers, spas, water-filtration companies, and other businesses. Ask them to share your content or spread the word about your business. Don’t be afraid to explore joint-marketing opportunities.  

Track filter replacement

Selling air purifiers should provide you continuous income stream even after you have sold your products. Note that when customers buy air purifiers from you, they will soon need filters for replacement. Depending on the usage, customers may need filters to be replaced in three to six months. Hence, you need to watch out for this. Consequently, you may want to offer replacement parts. This will help improve your customer retention.

Custom Air Purifier

If you need a custom air purifier to build your brand, please feel free to contact us. We build and produce products based on client specifications. Our in-house engineers and designers are highly skilled in making sure our customers are 100% satisfied with the products they receive.

This helps us have increased customer satisfaction as our clients also gain more trust from their customers. We hope these tips on starting your own air purifier business have been useful. Feel free to share it on any of your social media.

If you want to select some air purifier products that you can sell in your market, please click here. Take note that we can change the design according to what you desire.  


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