Air Humidifier “In Demand” As Consumers Seek Comfort

The demand for healthy living essentials is on the rise. It has been a year and a half since the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic. Today, people have become more accustomed to working from home.

Even so, the need to stay more time indoors has encouraged the public to focus on products that will help keep them healthy.

As an entrepreneur, this is a great opportunity to stock on products that you believe will be fast-moving.

It’s not just about taking advantage of the public demand. It’s more about providing high-quality products that will surely satisfy your customers.

Wang Tech does not just provide wholesale humidifiers. We sell bulk humidifiers that are made from top-quality materials. This is what makes customers keep coming back for more. We pride ourselves on our professional designers and engineers who are very hands-on in the creation and mass production of high-end air humidifiers.

Today on the blog, let’s talk about why it’s a good day to invest in air humidifiers.

Perfect Timing to Sell Air Humidifiers


General filters do not usually pick up high sales until summer or spring but now a lot of home essential businesses have seen the change. This is a good time for businesses to roll out new air humidifiers.

We have multiple options for air humidifiers that you can choose from:

Portable Air Humidifiers

Portable air humidifiers are perfect for travelers or people who are always on the go. What makes these types of air humidifiers unique is that they can be transferred anywhere you want to go.  We have air humidifiers that come with a handle for ease of access and mobility.

Car Humidifiers

Car humidifiers are smaller versions of air humidifiers used for cars. Most car air humidifiers have 5-100ml water tank capacity and are built to fit exactly in your car’s cup holder. If not, we also have car air humidifiers that can be placed anywhere in your car and they still are the best fit for car use. Car humidifiers are bestsellers because of their compact and more convenient sizes.

Home Humidifiers

Home humidifiers often come in larger sizes. For example, Wang-Tech’s conventional shaped air humidifier comes with a 7-color night effect. It runs in low noise and comes with an adjustable mist volume so it can be used in any part of the house. It has a 2400ml tank capacity making it perfect for a longer duration of running and bigger rooms. If you want to invest in home air humidifiers for sale, you can order directly from us.

Large Capacity Humidifiers

A large-capacity humidifier is another bestseller. They are very useful for commercial establishments that need large capacity water tanks to cover more extensive and wider spaces.

Sell Customize Air Humidifiers

Everyone knows the importance of air humidifiers. The question is where to get them and how to have the best quality. As a supplier of wholesale air humidifiers, we make sure our products are made from high-quality materials.

We have a team of professionals who help in the making and mass production of our products.  Wang-Tech is the No.1 go-to supplier for high-end air humidifiers that customers will always love.

Design-wise we can customize it for you. Design always matters. Consumers don’t just look for quality. They also look at the design and ensure that what they are buying will perfectly fit their home, office, or vehicle.

Air Humidifier Designs that Sell

As consumers face various health problems related to air pollution, the need for air humidifiers continues to rise. The residential segment is expected to witness substantial growth because of the increased need to maintain the indoor air humidity. 

According to the Allied Market Research, the rise of awareness among people towards the ill effects of indoor air pollution has caused a surge of interest in buying air humidifiers. Among the negative effects of dry air includes dry skin, sinus congestion, nose irritation, bloody nose, and dry cough.

The persistent need of people for cleaner, fresher, and safer indoor air drives the air humidifier growth. The following are more factors that affect the increased demand for air humidifiers.

Winter Season

During the cold months, different diseases may become dominant. This is because of the cold and dry air. Since the winds are colder during the winter, many homes and offices tend to suffer from dry indoor air leading to numerous health issues.

In the United States, fall runs from September 1 to November 30 while winter runs from December 1 to February 28. In Japan, the winter season runs from December to February.  In Korea, winter runs from late November to mid-March.

Whatever country you are selling your products in, you need to take note of the winter season where air humidifiers sell fast. We’ve seen how the air humidifiers have been top sellers during these months.

There are two main types of air humidifiers: warm and cool mist. It’s good to use warm mist humidifiers during cold months because they make use of an internal heating component. The water is boiled and released into the room. It produces a calming effect on the air. Cool most humidifiers add moisture to the air but lower the temperature, so we recommend using them in the summer.


Need we say more? Well, we have seen people panic-buying goods in 2020. Although the world is gradually healing, we all have learned our lessons. People are not anymore being complacent.

Consumers are now more careful than ever in keeping themselves healthy. This is why it is very important to offer only the best air humidifiers to the market. The awareness regarding health has called for a more hygienic lifestyle. This helps create new opportunities for the players in the global air humidifier market. This is your time to make a difference as a business owner or entrepreneur.

 Are you looking for a supplier of high-quality air humidifiers that you can sell in the market? Look no further. Wang-Tech offers a wide range of air humidifiers that you can choose from. Our air humidifiers come in different sizes, styles, and designs that you can order for your target market.

We also offer customization services. Contact us if you want us to produce a specific design, color, or size for your particular market.

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