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Start your monitor lamp business with us. For many years we have provided local and international resellers with custom products to start their business and grow their profit exponentially. With Wang-Tech you are rest assured for the quality and affordability of our products.

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Newest Touch-Button Monitor Lamp With Updated Feature. Coming soon!

Even before anyone had heard of words like “social distancing” computer monitor lamps have been an ongoing trend.  These days, as more people start working from home and setting their own hours than ever, the demand for these devices have increased. The newest monitor lamp can be disconnected from each other to form two smaller version of lamps for ease of traveling and to reduce storage cost. By the time you need to use it, you can simply connect the two elements and mount it on your computer. It’s high-tech, modern, and very convenient with a touch button design.

What are computer monitor lamps?

Computer Monitor Light bars provide lighting solution that can be mounted on the top of the monitor to help light up a workspace and improve the overall lighting ergonomics of an office area. We have highlighted the  benefits of our monitor lamps and why they make a great product to sell.

  • They provide a brilliant solution for tight desk spaces as they are fully mountable on desktops
  • They are lightweight and bright but with an adjustable lighting field angle to prevent glaring
  • They improve workspaces ergonomics through an adjustable color temperature

6 Good Reasons Why Customers Choose Us

1.We are a manufacturer with decades of experience.

We are a leading lighting manufacturer for popular brands for domestic and international customers in various countries across the world. Our extensive experience with building appliances, gadgets,and other home essentials are unmatched. We owe it to our engineers and designers who have education and professional background in this field.

2. High quality products are ensured by many international certifications and standards.

Wang-Tech provides advanced technology and modern machinery under the certification of xxx xxx. It means we only manufacture products that pass environmental management standards and domestic industrial product standards. Our professionals have invested intensively to gain knowledge in developing industrial products that are safe for humans and the environment and to have capabilities in testing lighting equipment. 

3. Production process

We keep “quality and client come first.” in our mind, and pay attention to the details of producing so as to our goods are competitive among other similar products and readily marketable products.

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4.Reliable products created by a team of professionals & testing equipments

We have a series of testing facilities to ensure the quality of our products.
Quality is always our first priority. View test reports

5.Fast & safe shipping nationwide and worldwide with a reasonable price.

Shipping is an important asset for every business. That is why we ensure on-time shipment for all our customers. We manage and store products efficiently to ensure successful distribution for our domestic and international orders.

6. Well-thought packaging and high-quality execution.

We believe that the first impression is always the last. Consequently, we do not want to disappoint our customers. We help our customers have a grand introduction in the market through well-executed packaging that can go a long way for them.  Packaging is key to brand loyalty and you can trust us to take care of it for you.

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