1L Capacity Humidifier

Model: SW07007

This air humidifier features a large volume of 1000ml and the Nano fine spray that keeps the moisture level in the air normal. The round shape makes it quite versatile while the double-nozzle spray and suitable for all types of space. It has continuous spray mode and intermittent spray modes that supply friendly alternative choices for users. Relieves dry skin and alleviates runny nose syndrome. There is an optional warm light that you can turn on during the night.

Main Features

  • Double nozzles design
  • Includes warm night light
  • Anti-dry protection system
  • Built-in battery and rechargeable
  • Nano fine mist, humidify the air but table top not wet
  • Continuous spray mode and intermittent spray mode optional


  • Neat round shape making it very versatile
  • 2 nozzle allows efficient humidification effect to dry air
  • Optional warm light to keep you company during the night
  • 2000 maH battery lets you play for 2-3 hours continuously 
  • Very portable, user-friendly and convenient
  • Sturdy white or pink exterior material made from ABS and paraben-free components
  • Totally safe for babies who are sensitive to smell and sound


The humidifier with two spray ports spray out larger cool mist. It has a continuous spray model and intermittent spray model that you can choose depending on the air dryness. Simply fill in the tank with water and a drop of your favorite essential oil. Then  you can turn the power, adjust the speed, and enjoy its effect. Humidifiers send out moisture into the air. The right air humidity will help keep your skin healthy and glowing. It also alleviates skin irritation caused by dry air and improves breathing. You can put it in our living room, bedroomm, kitchen, or in your car when driving.


Model SW07007
Color White/Pink
Materials ABS
Water tank capacity 1000 ml
Power consumption DC5V/3 W
Battery capacity 2000 mAh
Spray volume 35-45 ml/h
Product weight 435 g
Product size 170*170*92 mm

Humidifiers spread cool mist to the air to prevent dryness that can cause irritation in many parts of the body.  It is an effective means to treat dryness of skin, nose, throat, and lips especially for air-conditioned homes.  If you have flu or common cold, you can use air humidifiers to improve the air humidify and alleviate your symptoms.

Cool mists can act as natural moisturizing agent that can relieve dryness of skin. The following are instances or symptoms where a humidifier should come in handy:

  • dry skin
  • sinus congestion/headache
  • dry throat
  • nose irritation
  • bloody noses
  • irritated vocal cords
  • dry cough
  • cracked lips

Yes. This portable air humidifier is perfect for home, office, and business use.

It has 1000ml water tank capacity.

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